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11 June, Jolly D, (8,13)

Dear Shabi’s

11th June 2019 – The Shoulder of Mutton

A brief blog for the Shoulder of Mutton ride. Long promised and anticipated and it was Slumpy, Tonka, Smashie (RM) Daisy, Big Ring, Algee and Genghis who gathered at the Jolly Drover in the pouring rain.

Puddle? What puddle?

After negotiating the lake in the car park it was off down hill into the woods and along the “bridleway” next to the A3.

Can't go this way lads, back to the bridleway!

We then reach the jumps in the woods by the fallen tree and speculate how easy they would be if we “really gave it a go!” It was brave Algee who had a go at one of the 'corners' - it reminded me of my toy evil kenevil from the 70's.

Just, "No"

Still "No"

Then on through the outskirts of Petersfield to the playing field where we had a freewheel face off on the flat.

It was more serious than it looks

Tonka won again but cheated outrageously, so at least he has stopped trying to win by taking it seriously.

Then onto the Shoulder of mutton – my goodness was it slippy and steep. Many comedy falls and that was before the concrete step of doom.

Many a rider got half way up, stalled on the step and became detached from their bike in an uncontrolled manner.

Tonka gets the mountain goat award and a point for a fall when he stalled at the top – it was a hard fall onto some rocks – ouch!

Then we blast home and since we were running late, Algee takes a shortcut which involves even more, and steeper hills, however we make it back in time for a slap up meal at the Jolly drover.

Scores below

I love you all

Smashie x

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