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20 Apr, Links, (16,12)

Dear Shabis

Six good men times two, turned out on Tuesday evening. Sadly missing our illustrious leader, chief mechanic, first aider, and our IT expert and lead photographer.

Nevertheless at 18.30 all six of us set off from the Links in Liphook .

1. Big ring RM

2. Simon the Wheels DRM

3. Tonka

4. John the Tarmac

5. Daisy

6. Johnny Plastic

7. Dobbie

8. Captain Fracker

9. Faff cheeks

10. Strangely Brown

11. Slumpy

12 Dave the Plasterer

This ride was almost a carbon copy of a ride which us SHABI’S did in July last year . Scoped by STW and BR

Tracking the Border path for 500m, followed by a short single track footpath Bridleway section from the top of Milland hill to the Church , then take the Bridleway

Parallel to the old A3 to Rake, relatively flat so far , then along the base of Rake Hanger to Rogate Bike park.

Next the first hill of note on this route , bit of a lung buster, known on Strava as ‘The wall’ , for reasons which became apparent , then a short road section to the Borden wood hairpin . Followed by a lovely downhill all the way to the Chithurst monastery. Through the woods to the second hill of three ‘Robins farm’, and down to Tentworth.

Regrouping at the summit of Robin Hill

A short technical downhill where Fracker took a tumble on his last attempt . all passed incident free this time .

Gentle up hill all the way to ‘Titty hill’, always a nice place to stop and admire the view. Then the fast track to Milland .The final hill was nice and dry , so a full peloton attacked the south face to the summit of Milland hill, the Stava segment, aptly named ‘oh you bugger’. After a short road section, all arrived back at the Links safely and in time for Beer and dinner .

16.4 miles in total

Meal points and T- shirt points for all but Simon the Wheels , Dave the plasterer and Johnny Plastic .

No Mechanical points awarded

Unintentional separation from vehicle points for Slumpy (unwitneesed by the RM)

What fun , see you next week chaps .

Big Ring

BR Post Covid Job

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