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SHABI Switzerland Trip - date tbc

Dearest SHABI’s,


The plan is to go to Switzerland to experience BIG mountain bike riding.


The region we will be exploring is Flumserberg nr Zurich which is something like this:


So you can plan your life here is the proposed itinerary:


  1. Depart evening Wednesday 8th July 2020

  2. Travel through the Channel Tunnel and across France overnight to arrive Oberszen Hotel Thursday pm

  3. Book into hotel (to be advised – may change)

  4. Meet guide

  5. Friday to Sunday – ride the hills

  6. Depart Blighty Sunday Evening to arrive home Monday pm



  1. Smashie to visit Switzerland and recce hotel and guides – 31st Jan 2020

  2. Only riders with a SHABI 2020 T-shirt may participate (not got a T-shirt? – you can earn one of TWO spare T-shirts by popular acclaim – ie riding on a Tuesday so much we have to give you a T-shirt… or being an real idiot)

  3. There will be trips to Wales to keep us at peak fitness between now and July

  4. The new van with Smashie and co-driver will take out the bikes and some luggage

  5. Cars will take out the Peleton and some luggage – up to 4 SHABI’s per car

  6. Numbers are not limited ..




  1. A good bike with brakes that work – I can’t believe I have to say this but after the last trip to Wales……

  2. A certain level of fitness – you know that funny thing that makes your legs go around for a whole day

  3. Immersed in SHABI culture – ie an Idiot.


Remember Binky Bykeknut will be able to answer any queries you might have in the meantime – just send him a Whatsapp.


Hope you can make it


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