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New Wales Info - 25-27 Oct 2019

Dear SHABI’s


The latest information from Steve Beech is as follows:


The brave soul who will be guiding you on Saturday is Keith Morey - I've worked a lot with Keith over the last couple of years - a top bloke who will look after you almost as well as I do!


He'll meet you at the Penrhos Arms at 9.30am on the Saturday morning and will lead you to the ClimachX carpark in the Dyfi forest where he'll guide you on an off-piste (some piste) route I've specially selected. I reckon you'll be finished by about 3pm and would suggest a visit to the Slaters Arms in Corris for an award winning pint afterwards.


On Sunday I'll be guiding and will meet you at the Penrhos Arms at 9.30am. We'll head into Machynlleth where we'll ride into the Cambrian mountains for some wilderness riding. Please let me know what time you'd like to finish on the Sunday - I know you'll all be heading home that day so will tailor the ride accordingly.


Given the weather we've had off late I'd suggest  everyone brings diving equipment including tanks, snorkels, flippers and full wetsuits. Failing that, a waterproof jacket and knee-pads would be recommended!


WHAT you must bring


So for those of you thinking it will be nice and warm as per the last time, may I please advise we are wilderness riding on Sunday – and YES it is wild – I ‘ve been there. It is likely to rain 24/7.


  1. Switch to Tubeless – you will do so eventually – however DON’T do this the week before Wales.

  2. Check your brake pads – again DON’T do this the week before Wales.

  3. Get a dropper post – they are very useful

  4. You will need a good helmet – if its over 2 years old – replace with new with a MIPS system or equivalent – you should be spending over £100. Remember you won’t know if your helmet is shit – you will be unconscious or dead – it us poor buggers who have to tell the family that I am concerned about.

  5. Bring knee pads and elbow pads – if you fall off on the rocks you will break bones if you don’t have them.

  6. Bring a proper first aid kit containing:

    1. Thermal blanket / jacket

    2. Absorbent gauze wadding or Sanitary towels (think about it, individually wrapped and designed to absorb fluid)

    3. Vet wrap or something to hold the padding in place and tape to hold in place

    4. Scissors or similar (Leatherman PS4)

    5. Don’t bother with antiseptic wipes or small plasters – just bleed

    6. Put in a waterproof bag/container

    7. This kit has been approved by Mrs Algee A&E nurse extraordinaire.

  7. Fully charged phone and charger

  8. A proper tool kit including:

    1. Pump

    2. Spare tube (even for tubeless)

    3. Multitool

    4. Various tie wraps

    5. Tube repair worms for tubeless.

    6. Leatherman multitool similar to Squirt PS4 – why? it has a knife and pliers and scissors.

  9. Clothes - it will rain 24/7

    1. THREE sets of cycling kit – clothes don’t dry in Wales – that’s everything X 3

    2. Waterproof jacket

    3. Gloves X 3

    4. Helmet liner (it may snow!)

    5. Clothes to wear to the curry house.

  10. CASH – The Welsh don’t do cards (well yes they do but not everywhere)

  11. Snacks and high energy whatsits – depending we may have a pub stop BUT DO NOT rely on it. Jelly Babies are good.

  12. Plenty of fluid – and I mean plenty.

  13. Basically this is fluck off serious mountain biking in bad weather. Don’t rely on others to cover for you.



  1. BPW – Arrive 9:30am for first uplift from 10:00am. See Whatsapp for Friday

  2. Saturday 8:00am All meet at the Penrhos Arms SY20 9PR for breakfast

  3. 9:30am SHARP depart from the Penhros Arms – that means you must be in your vehicle with the engine running at 9:30

  4. 9.45 – ready to ride and sign disclaimers from our departure point - CLIMAXX

  5. 10:00am depart – we will be guided by Keith Morey

  6. Lunch somewhere

  7. Arrive back at Climaxx carpark 15:00 ish – you will be knackered

  8. Straight into the pub for a drink if its open but probably head back to the Penhros for a shower etc

  9. Go to the pub and then the Taj Mahal in Machynlleth – bring settlers – Hygiene rating is zero although no-one has died …yet.

  10. Sunday to be agreed on Saturday – but Steve beech has promised us Wilderness riding

I love you all and writing this makes we want to go NOW!


Rock n Roll



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