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1 June, George, (8,11)

The Fox, Burpham, 1 June (8 Riders, 11 miles)

Two times four SHABIs turned up at The George, Burpham (the RM having rung up several other George’s in the area to no avail). Smashie was practising his “just in time” techniques but was nonetheless late.

With Dobbie as RM you knew it had to start up a hill, and it was a particularly cruel ascent to the top of Wepham with all the riders huffing and puffing. But the peloton soon settled into the wooded bimble of the Monarch’s Way.

A quick dash (otherwise known as a slow grind) for the SDW at Chantry Post (see photo – SHABIs well lost by this time) through fabulous “big” countryside followed by a thunderous descent to the pub.

After Chuff’s absence of more than one year, the RM had forgotten how pleasant it was to have Chuff earwigging him about being late for FOOD (having been a victim of the RM’s incompetence some time past).

But food and company were good.

Chuff (who’s this?!) - Tee Shirt Slumpy (H&S Officer) - Tee Shirt Bikeshop Nigel

Smashie - Tee Shirt

Love Bus Driver - Tee Shirt

Fracker - Tee Shirt

Strangely Brown - Tee Shirt

Dobbie – old Tee Shirt + RM Meals points for all.

Dobbie x

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