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1 OCT, Thursley, (13,13)

The promise of a dry ride saw 13, yes 13 shabis descend on the Three Horseshoes, Chuffy, C2C7, Daisy, Tonka, Slumpy, Big Ring, Fracker, Simon the Wheels, Nigel, Michael, Jonathan Godfrey, Smashie and Genghis, it was confirmed that Genghis had not suffered any serious injury whilst being dragged to the pikey van kicking and screaming by smashie. there were 2 notable absentees, Ming and Algee who apparently both have an aversion to water or was it just weak and feeble. (Ed-the latter)

Some may remember that recent rides have seen Chuff's navigation skills being challenged,  and as the shabis set of, Smashie leads the chants of "You're going the wrong way" How wrong could he be. That's what happens when you have 2 weeks off. So with Smashie sent to the back of the group we set off ,right from the pub and then left along the bridleway and out towards Hankley Common. 

The heavens open and the rain is so heavy that visibility is only inches.

The group plough on weaving through the heather, jumping off the claypipes at which point Genghis challenges the navigation claiming, we normally go right here. Chuff trusts his instincts  and ignores Genghis carrying  on along the single track whilst the rain continues.

Wet weather riding is a whole new experience. On to the boardwalk the planks are wet and slippery, would there be fallers? Amazingly no,  everyone makes it across without even a wobble. Around the lake and onto the road then left back on the common and a short climb. It's along here that C2C7 attempts to drown Chuff, seeing a large puddle ahead C2 comes alongside Chuff and with a sharp swift shove pushes Chuff towards the puddle. Amazingly Chuff rides through the puddle fully submerged before exiting the other side a la Danny Macaskill. So much for Brothers in Arms.

The rain has stopped and it's actually quite warm as the group sweep along  some more single track through  heather  and on to the golf course.  It's here that Slumpy realises he may have competition for the Bike that's Shite, Nigel has been riding with a seat post that doesn't stay up but rather goes up and down none stop.  A quick pit stop as Smashie and co attempt some repairs without success. On through the golf course and another quick stop at the spot where Sir fallalot made his name, famously throwing himself to the floor in front of a stationary Jackie and her female riders. A quick nod to sir fallalot and off we go again.

Smashie is suffering after his 2 weeks off and suggests a short cut back, Fracker is outraged at such wimpish behaviour there's only one more cheeky hill , man up. With Smashie suitably chastised we set of to that cheeky little hill, Cheeky? it's down right rude. All make it safely to the top and then its straight on as we start to head home. One last rocky down hill brings several nervous moments as shabis are bounced around with little control. Just as the Shabis had started to dry off the rain comes down again this is definitely the wettest ride.

The final push sees the shabis in the woods climbing back up to the pub.

13 miles for all. No falls, Nigels dodgy seat post is ruled a misdemeanour not a mechanical

The food has to be mentioned there is Korean Curry, Sea Bass, Wagyu Beef burger some even had sausages but it may have been Tonka going commando.

Chuff x

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