10 Nov, King Edward Sanitorium, (10,10)

Blog 10 November 2021 – The King Edward Sanitorium and the decent of certain death

Dearest SHABI’s

SHOCK. We start this blog with shocking news – Genghis – for it was he, decided that the weather was suitable for his attendance on Tuesday night after he had undertaken an exhaustive analysis of the weather forecast, and after examining hedgehog entrails.

After using his new toys, Genghis was confident tonight's conditions might be ok

So joining Genghis were a further dozen riders including; Lootenant Dan, Lecky Lee, Slumpy and his carer Tonka, Strangely, Faff, Slash, Daisy, Dobbs, TsJ, Big Ring and RM Smash.

CONTROVERSY. We meet the Midhurst Manor Gang in the car park….worse still…they claim to have recruited not one, but TWO regular Lady riders. Slumpy is aghast, and asks if we can share ….. but luckily his carer steps in and no-one is offended.

FOOD – we order pizza before we set off and await the arrival of Big Ring who is a tad late – but we love him so all is forgiven.

PREAMBLE – Before the ride starts, its usual to talk about the riders but this week your blogger has decided to reveal some of the mysterious inner workings of the SHABI Association. There are many committees staffed by hard working SHABI volunteers all contributing the overall excellence of everything. So this week your blogger will concentrate on the workings of the “Totally Unnecessary Accessories and Bike Enhancements” sub-committee chaired jointly by Faff and Smash. As you may recall the sub-committee previously considered “colour” and has decided in the light of the current controversy about everything, that “colour” is not important and that “black” is not a colour and anyway is far too controversial these days. So the committee co-chairpersons decided to co-opt LBD and head for Wales to test out some new accessories for the benefit of other riders.

Accessory #1 – Energy bars – Faff declared halfway around Cwm Carn that he was hungrier than an Ethiopian peasant on a diet and needed immediate sustenance. Thus we deployed every single bit of food we were carrying to keep our hero on the trail. Rating 10/10

Accessory #2 – Air – used to inflate the tyres on your bike. Smash had a very serious sense of humour failure dealing with a rock garden in Coed y Brenin. He claims his tyres were not inflated correctly. Equally the committee recall Genghis running his tyres with only a few atoms of air in the tube. Our feeling is that air in the tyre is overemphasised in some magazines. Rating 5/10

Accessory #3 – A good phone camera. Despite significant support from Faff, Smash and LBD agree the Samsung range is better than Apple. Samsung rating 8/10, Apple 4/10.

Accessory #4 – Good map reading software on your phone. OMN on Smash’s phone was a winner here. Rating 9/10