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12 Mar, Jolly D, (6,14)

The forecast for heavy winds saw a number of Shabis unfit to ride. Algenon had  coughed, once,  Ghengis had sneezed, others were just missing in action.

Six shabis braved the wind and were met by a large puddle across the Jolly Drover Car Park, the omens did not bode well for a dry ride. Undeterred and rearing to go were, Chuff, Smashie, Tonka (previously known as Corky) Sir Fallalot, Dobbie and Slumpy 2. At this point Chuff & Smashie had a brainwave “Lets do the ride backwards” what could possibly go wrong.

With no idea of what was to come the peloton followed Chuff turning left from the pub and then left again down the hill onto the first stretch of muddy single track heading towards Rake. Conditions were wet under tyre and the going was slow.  Across the lane and back onto the single track where the peloton were soon to find themselves riding through a thick forest of Gorse with little protection from the sharp needles.

Across the A3 and onto the common a sudden detour saw the shabis avoid the worst of the mud, past the Black Fox and the right towards Milland over the brow of the hill and left down the track and through ford as no one was wet enough.

A long trek on the road  gave the Shabis the chance to fly down Titty Hill before heading towards the rear of Ambrovich’s estate, the mud was getting thicker and deeper with wheels spinning and everyones energy at rock bottom the Rogate road was reached. An executive decision was made to ride back along the road.

One last surprise saw the Shabis tackle the Rogate Downhill with huge air being achieved by all.

14 miles  and meal for all

RM was Chuff

T shirt for all except Sir Fallalot

No punctures, No mechanicals


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