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12 Nov Fox Goes Free, (11,13)

The forecast suggested wet mud under tyres with a cold wind. Some will remember the image of Slumpy preparing for Christmas by hanging his wet, dirty socks in the inglenook fireplace at the Fox Goes Free whilst toasting his nuts on the roaring fire.

Fortunately the weather was kind to us and we wouldn’t face the same this time.

10 Brave Shabis and Genghis rocked up to the car park, Daisy, Chuffy, Love Bus, Tonka, Slumpy (with his Christmas stockings) Big Ring, Dobbie, Strangely Brown, Faff Cheeks , Smashie, and Genghis who had been violently abducted by Smashie.

There was more delay as Genghis had no battery for his lights, evidently the smash and grab by smashie had left items behind. Never fear Smashie promptly provides a battery and the ride is on.

On leaving the car park we turn right and begin the climb, Chuffy feeling mischievous sets a fast pace , on and up we climb with no mercy maintaining a fast pace, passing the midway there is no stopping, Tonka forges ahead with LB closely followed by Dobbie.

There is a trail of lights as the shabis stretch out and continue the climb to the top.

On reaching the summit there is a little respite as we remember Daisy and his selfless sacrifice last year throwing himself into the path of the irate Golden Cock allowing his friends to escape, so brave.

After several minutes of discussing cocks we set off along the fire road,  Chuffy insisting on maintaining quite a pace. So far so good the terrain is damp gravel track, but not for long as we begin the next climb it turns to slushy slippy chalky mud which clings to your wheels and slows the pace to a crawl.

Halfway up the climb the decision is made to carry on up and shorten the ride the mud draining the shabis tanks. Once at the top its some great downhill back to the main road, We hit the road heading for Goodwood then turn left onto further single track through the woods. Suddenly the peaceful night air is shattered with the blast of car horn and screeching, the shabis powerful lights had illuminated an unsuspecting courting couple enjoying the romance of a bright full moon. No time to stop and stare the shabis plough on quite literally as the mud thickens.

In a fit of childish tantrum Dobbie lies down in the mud kicking his feet shouting how his bike was all dirty.. Leaving Dobbie to his tantrum we continue to enjoy the downhill trail on into Chawton. A blast along the lane see the shabis are back at the car park, muddy but happy.

13 miles and meal for all

T shirt for all bar Strangely Brown

Falls for Dobbie and Strangely Brown.

RM Chuffy

DRM Smashie

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