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13th Sept – Hitlers Bunker

Dear Shabi’s

Blog 13th September – Hitlers Bunker

Pub trouble before we start. The Three Horse Shoes in Thursley don’t like serving people from south of the tunnel and only serve food till 8:00pm as everyone has to get home to get their Ovaltine on the go. Another community pub that deserves to go out of business.

So it was Slumpy, his carer Tonka, LBD, Genghis and RM Smashie met at the Duke of Cumberland to traverse the hills of Hankley Common.

It was decided by the RM to ride forwards along the usual route but in the reverse direction. First obstacle was the Golf course and we pay respects to Sir Fallalot as we pass the spot where he infamously prostrated himself in front of some women (oh that seems so inappropriate these days – but back then – it was quite normal for men to show their intentions by throwing themselves to the ground) I am sure the Diversity, equality and Inclusion Officer would not be happy to see a repeat.

Many absentees and not much to report as for the most part as your blogger can’t remember what happened as it was raining and his brain got wet.

We go up the uppy bits, and down the downy bits, with the RM getting a bit lost at one point.

It's what Hitler would have wanted

Our Health and Safety officer warns everyone about the concrete drain dropoff where Chuff used his testicles to arrest his decent one cold and miserable previous ride. He still breaks down when this is mentioned and the rest of us are thankful we took the chicken route.

Then the best single track in Surrey and we head north past the lakes and towards the boardwalk of eternal fire. It appears that this is now being repaired, and although not operational, we can hope that sometime in 2023 it will finally be complete.

Welcome to Thursley, sorry we're closed

Then back onto the Hankley bit and with time running out, it was hammer time as we swoop through the heather on another bit of great single track.

The RM makes a final boo boo and misses the drop off back onto the golf course taking the easy peasy route instead.

A quick change and into the pub where two disappointments were in store:

1. The fish pie portion was very very small. Tonka was expecting half a large whale portion but a small goldfish sized portion arrived. There was consternation

2. The overall cost was £25 per person with £8 service charge included. We were not impressed given the portion size, and said so to the waiter, who cheerfully admitted that prices were up, volume was down, but overall takings were about the same. Ie if you don’t like it go elsewhere. We will, don’t you worry.

13 Miles, T-shirts and meals for everyone.

Duke of Cambridge - nice if you enjoy over paying for everything

I love you all ♥


Bonus Throwback photo

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