15 Oct – Midhurst, 12,18

Dear Shabi’s

15th October – Mild misdemeanours from Midhurst

Another week and another ride eagerly anticipated. Smashie is so keen to get going that he arrives at Genghis’ encampment in the pikey van a whole 15 minutes early. Genghis was anxious to get away from the offspring (youngest had just done a poo in the bath) so we arrive in the Midhurst car park rather early. Our two heroes observe a suspicious looking character taking his trousers off behind his car revealing some string Y-fronts. It is quickly realised that only a very senior Law Enforcement Operative would wear such apparel and we realise it was of course our very own C2C7 fresh from deploying some traffic cones without need to refer to a higher authority.

All the SHABIs have something to offer, here is C2C7's offerings

So leaving C2C7 to undress, our two heroes settle down to talk about the falling yields on commercial properties and other Surveying bollocks when our we hear, first very faintly, but getting louder and louder, some “banging” music (well at least that’s what I think the yoof call it). Then we see the source of the banging music in the form of a large silver lorry/coach/bus/Winnebago. This vehicle now lurching around the roundabout leaning, like a clipper under full sail taking a hard-right hand turn, swept into the car park and halted next to the pikey van. Genghis and Smashie were agog and C2C7 completely forgot himself and wandered over in nothing but his string Y-fronts.

Helicopter is optional

Shabi's need a place to relax after each ride

Then the side door opened and in a dazzling display of dry ice and laser pyrotechnics all to a banging soundtrack …. Algee emerged – well to say this was a bit of a let-down was an understatement – the audience were expecting great things and we got….Algee.

Anyway Algee then proceeded to show the assembled SHABI’s around his palatial vehicle which included: ensuite shower with Bidet and Jacuzzi, Champaign bar, Lounge, lounge diner, kitchen diner, 8 bedrooms – all ensuite, walk in fridge freezer, bicycle workshop …and I could go on and on but we had a bike ride to do and C2C7 was still wandering about in his Y-fronts and scaring the locals.

Meanwhile other SHABi’s were arriving with Genghis, Smashie, C2C7 now joined by Simon the Wheels, Dobbie, Big Ring, Daisy, Chuff, Tonka, Slumpy and Rocket Man (aka our Nige).

So a ride of 12 SHABI’s with Smashie as RM with Chuff as DRM and despite the hysterics over Algee’s Love Bus, we note that our man Nige has a new BIRD in bright orange along with Four4th lights – Our Nige has really been bitten by the bug and we welcome his headlong investment is so much hardware so soon – big respect.

Algee has a new Whyte as well – so much comparing of specifications and admiring noises all round.

Let the faffing commence!

We gather the Peleton together and comment that herding cats would be easier. Our man Nige is however adjusting his back pack – so we wait patiently...

These SHABIs are chomping at the bit