16 June, SFAL Memorial Ride, (13,15)

Updated: Apr 8

Dear Shabi’s

16th June – Sir Fallalot memorial ride

To commemorate the sad passing of our dear fellow SHABI rider Sir Fallalot on 18th June 2019 whilst riding with us on a Tuesday night, we set off to pay our respects by riding the route again.

The peleton consisted of six riders including; Chuff (RM) and Smashie (DRM) along with fellow riders: Daisy, C2C7, Captain Frackbladder, Love Bus Driver, Faff Cheeks, Slumpy, his carer Tonka, Slasher, Big Ring, Genghis and Dobbie.

I am happy to report that Chuff is beginning to mature into an excellent RM and instead of blasting off into the distance leaving in his wake a group of lost and bewildered SHABI’s, he is now responsibly keeping the pace “just right” and clearly indicating when he is about to go left when he means right and visa versa.

So with conditions “just right” we pedal off into the wilderness that is Liphook and Haslemere taking in the dappled sunlight, balmy temperatures and beautiful views. Sadly the absence of regular riding has left some riders nursing “defective” bikes with Slumpy’s bottom bracket make a sort of “squeak – crunch – squeak – crunch” noise (Matching Genghis's pedal noise) and Daisy on his “spare” bike having wrecked the Bird’s chain …again! Daisy’s “spare” bike has a nickname of the “Flying mattress” and indeed it lives up to this reputation.

So we head off through the woods and around and about with everyone chatting away – like we do. Over Marley Heights and down the descent of doom which seemed a bit tame, but maybe that’s due to the leaf mould and stuff in the gullies. Then up the other side on Blackdown.

We finally emerge on the ridge and beautiful vista opens up with views to the Southdowns and everywhere in between. Many riders have not been out recently so stop to take photos.

We then stand to attention to remember Sir Fallalot.

Then off again and a dusty decent to the road as we head for home. We arrive at the bottom of the hill where Sir Fallalot fell and walk the final yards to his memorial which is nicely attached to a tree.

We reflect on the days events a year ago and its was interesting to observe how time has changed our perceptions of what happened.