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18 Aug The Barley Mow (14,14)

Dear Shabis

The six riders lured by the promise of a height profile the shape of a Stegosaurus’ back were Fracker (RM), Smashie, Whoopsadaisy, Faffer, LBD, Genghis (for it is he) , St John of Tarmac, Dobbie, Strangely, BigRing, Tonka, Slumpy, Nurse Brown and Slasher.

Up then Walderton Down (for the first experience of the evening reminiscent of the Japanese gameshow “Endurance”) BRAMBLES.

Down Adsdean at some pace, the front of the peloton awaited for the remainder to appear – for some time – oh dear either it was a bike problem or a person problem – hurrah just a puncture for Smashie – FLINT.

Quickly fixed by tubeless tech and lots of pumping.

Left along towards and through Funtington on road – up to Woodend - and left along the south side of Kingley Vale – then up the cinder track – SWEAT and PUFF.

At the top, Slumpy announced that he was feeling a little jaded after chasing six fairies at the weekend – each to their own.

Lots of stopping for viewing Chichester Harbour, Chichester Cathedral, Bognor Regis and the Isle of Wight – Slasher remarked that the view was an innovation for this ride as previous ascents had only taken place in low cloud or the dark.

Slumpy reported – that’s where we caught some of the fairies…….oh ferries! Sorry - still, each to their own.

Sift descent down the bridlepath of doom – no brides this week but some riders coming up as we went down – TRAFFIC.

And then – lights on for those that had them - down the singletrack towards the Stoughton carpark, (like the scene from Star Wars) sharp right then left in Wildhams Wood for a lovely foresty climb and then smooth fast run down in the trees – DARK.

Time for one more climb? A cheeky one up to the ridge – with some complaints due to the – MUD.

And a need to be polite to - DOG WALKERS.

Back to the pub on the road for 20:32.

Very hospitable and lovely soft eggs. Ham and chips and eggs. And eggs. Large duck eggs. Soft large duck eggs. Mmmmmmm.

No “eat out to help out” but they did open the kitchen especially for us….

I don’t think Genghis dined but everyone else did.

T shirts for all but Slumpy, Nurse Brown and Slasher.

1 puncture for Smashie.

Thanks to all for joining.


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