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2 Nov, Bramshott, (8,12)

Ride Name: Avoid Grumpy Campsite Bramshott

Miles ridden: 12


Strangely Brown (RM) T & M

Tonka T & M


Lootenant Dann M

Dobbie T & M

Slash (DRM)



We started in the dark, and ended in the dark, as it was the 1st Autumn GMT ride for the small SHABI contingent.

On the whole a remarkably uneventful ride taking in, mostly Ludshott and Bramshott common, with the deliberate detour of the campsite from hell. Perhaps if we had been at full strength, we could have taken on the campsite owner's wrath & strop (and his obvious very small appendage) but we didn't.

Campsite Confrontation Avoided on this ride

What was not deliberate was the RM getting lost on many occasions (apparently unbeknown to the following peloton) as he fumbled his was through the labyrinth of single tracks, of both commons (in the dark for the first time this year was always going to be a challenge) but thankfully recognised junctions, as we approached them from different directions, to get back on track.

On one occasion the RM 'really lost it', as he complained and shouted to the row of 4 Shabi head torches in the distance who had clearly not been paying attention, and decided on a different course! The RM halted the ride and set off to retrieve these insubordinate cyclists, but returned with tail firmly between his legs, only to explain to the whole bemused, and well ordered Shabi group, that the 4 head torches were actually driveway lights of an adjacent house to the woods. What a muppet!

Can Binky Suggest that the RM familiarises himself with the above

As we progressed further into Bramshott common, and took a few more wrong turnings, the special op's training, provided by her majesty's law enforcement, by way of our very own Chuffy, assisted the RM with certain recognisable incident areas of many a 'felt collar' he had undertaken, of perpetrators pinching wild pansies (the plants, not the other sort) in Bramshott common, so we were guided out of the pitch black, back to civilization. A short trundle back into Liphook for a hearty fine Thai curry at the Green Dragon and a relentless WhatsApp pinging of pictures from 3 rogue SHABI'S (names will be mentioned) who were having a blast in Wales....

Smashie, LBD & Faff Cheeks.
Meanwhile, somewhere in Wales...

Unfortunately no photos taken, as toooo busy finding our way. :-)

The only surviving photo evidence of SB's splendid Ride:



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