27 Jul, F+P, (8,14)

A good turn out for this Tuesday's Shabi ride, considering many of the Shabi's were hitting BPW the following day, obviously in preparation for the next Olympics, they needed their considerable beauty sleep.

This is what it's all about...

Our first bit of squirrelly down hill, claimed Cpt. Fracker as it's victim as he watched the rider in front double wheel skid on the loose leaves and mud and decided loss of balance was the only course of action. However, in true British fashion the fall was brushed off as just a mere 'incident' and we pedalled on through Churt and onto Frensham Pond.

We don't have a pic of Cpt. Fracker having a lie down, so here's an unrelated meme instead:

Chuffy took off at an astonishing pace, for the fast run through to Dockenfield, where he caught his breath at Cat Weir, and a photo op' (see below) with all the mud he collected en-route:

I don't ride everyday, but when I do, I ride HARD and FAST!

When we all reassembled at Cat Weir, for a full peloton photo op', it was a gradual accent to the Bluebell Pub (soon to be a rendezvous point for a later Shabi ride that Slumpy has volunteered to R.M.!).

These broken shabis were grateful to be out riding, despite the obvious pain in their eyes

We flirted around the periphery of Alice Holt (lovely girl), and down towards Headley Court, taking in the Ford. As some Shabi's opted for the bridge instead of wet feet, it meant a convenient stop to empty a bladder or two on the other side:

Idiot's who ride together, urinate together

Through Broxwood common, over a couple of stiles and we're into serious Bracken territory. "Is Dobbie leading this ride!!!!" where the crys from the peloton.

Dead Easy!