27 Oct – SHABI’s and the English Civil War - a ride from Cheriton (6, 14)

Updated: Apr 8

Dearest SHABIs

Anticipating the challenge of finding food at 8:30 the RM starts phoning around early and the results were not encouraging; Hinton Arms – we are closed on Tuesday; The Fox Bramdean – no food after 7:30; Meon Hut – just no! In desperation the RM tries the Flower Pots in Cheriton and the answer is Yes but you have to eat in the Marquee. Well any port in the storm so the RM signs up with further conditions; park in the recreation ground and pre-order and be back NO LATER than 8:30. How hard can it be?

So the Lord Points Master sends out the e-mails with the “What three Words” location and we gather in the recreation ground car park and ready ourselves. A covid compliant SIX riders as you would expect including; Smashie RM, Dobbie DRM, LBD, Faff Cheeks, TsJ, Slumpy and his carer Tonka, Big Ring and CFB Bah.

But before we get into the ride, lets talk about the riders and this week’s in depth biography is the lesser spotted Genghis:

Photo taken moments before he saw the big puddle, luckily Smashie had already locked the van

Mr and Mrs Genghis met at a Church gathering

The teenage years; when Mr and Mrs Genghis senior arrived back in the camp with Genghis “junior” they had big plans for him. By his first birthday he owned a mule, a mini meat cleaver and an angle grinder. The Genghis’ were so proud of their son and made great plans for world domination. Young Genghis continued to show promise so by the age of 12 he had a mule, full-size meat cleaver with spikes and belt fed minigun mounted in an attack helicopter.

Then on his thirteenth birthday it all started to go badly wrong and in particular Mr Genghis senior was worried. Genghis junior suddenly started listening to different types of music. No hanging around the campfire banging the bongos and chanting death to his enemies – he was down the night club listening to the latest “new romantic” music (think “soft Cell” and “Human League”). It didn’t stop there. Genghis cast off his bearskin loincloth and started wearing “jeans” with holes cut in them. Gone were the traditional masks made from the skulls of defeated enemies to be replaced by “women’s makeup” and ribbons.

Genghis made himself available to the ladies from a young age

Genghis’s parents were aghast and immediately sought counsel from the village “Wise Woman”. They were advised that a holiday to Ibiza would “help get it out of his system”. So off went Genghis Junior for a month of non-stop drug soaked clubbing. In the end he stayed for a year and the results were the opposite of what his parents had hoped.

Genghis pulling an 'all-nighter:'