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28 Jan, Partridge, Singleton & West Dean Forest (9-13)

Dear Shabis

8 brave souls followed Dobbie - Tonka, Strangely Brown, Slumpy, Big Ring, Daisy, Captain Frackbladder, Chuffy, Smashie, - Dobbie bringing the total up to 9 riders.

Some brown “gue” variously described as “thin and slippy; limey slimy; post-vindaloo; sloppy; thick and sloppy; thicky sloppy grippy; sloppy slumpy (!) on the wetty” (sic – as reported to the RM – what were you all on in the pub?).

So, maybe better as a summer ride?


A menu of excuses if challenged on a bridleway signposted as a footpath:

  1. I’m asserting my easement

  2. I’ve got God’s permission

  3. I’m digging for oil

  4. I’ve been reincarnated as Jesus

  5. I’ve got the corona virus and I own the land (if you are Dobbie).


13 miles of points for the 'Singleton 9':

1 x T-shirt point for all the above except Strangely Brown, Smashie and Dobbie.

1 x meal point for all the above except Dobbie.

1 x RM point for Dobbie.

Peace out - Dobbie x

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