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29 Jan -The Fox in the snow (7, 13)

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

New route from the Fox Runs Free through West Dean Estate and the SDW fully scoped by Dobbie, through snowdrifts and a very cold descent back to the pub.

Encounters with a badger and a sad looking barn owl.

SHABIs spent a lot of time warming themselves up not just by the fire but actually by standing within the hearth. Slumpy II and Sir Fallalot showing us how it's done.

13 miles for Dobbie (RM), Chuff, Smashie, Daisy, Corky (AKA Big Goat, Billy Goat Gruff, Gruffalo, Mountain Goatee?), Slumpy II, Sir Fallalot. Daisy – 1 fall point. Meal and T-Shirt points for all (methinks). Dobbie

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