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29 Sept, Green Dragon, (5,6,16)

Dear SHABI's

A small group of SHABI’s gathered in the Green Dragon car park at Liphook on Tuesday evening, 2 smaller groups were formed to take slightly different routes , and when the DRM asked who would like to use the rear entrance , a surprisingly large number of hands went up.

RM Simon the wheels , lead the band of merry men through the woods to the bomb pit to join the Sussex border path, following the border path for about 2 miles to Marley Lane , a route taken by the SHABI’s occasionally on previous rides . Then after about 100 yards of tarmac then right on to a brilliant downhill single track through the woods , eventually opening out on to an unusual track paved with large wood chippings, fortunately no splinters .Through the gate and Re-group by the road on the Lynchmere road.

Clean Bikes and Clothes, the SHABIs are smiling at being dry while they can

After 400 yards of tarmac, we turned left onto the track that took us up the first lung busting climb of the evening , to the top of Lynchmere hill. The troops were rewarded at the top with a view of a ‘lovely old tractor’ , which we stopped and admired , while we waited for Faff , who felt the need for a costume change.

LBD loves a tractor, especially in matching Black and Blue, you might get this on a Christmas card this year

STW lead us to Iron hill using part of the ‘new Lipchis way’ path, for another single track , then back onto the border path . Time for another costume change for Faff , as it been 10 minutes since the last one .

Faff Loves getting changed in front of everyone mid ride, and everyone loves watching him

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? - NO, It's Faffy getting changed again!

The first group had to wait 10mins for the second group to catch up before the final descent of Milland hill and following climb back up.

One Final Change for Faffy and he's looking clean and fresh for the final leg home:

Back to the Pub for some lovely Thai grub.

Congrates to STW no longer a virgin RM , brilliant job.

1a. Simon the wheels RM T-shirt Meal

2a, Sumpy T-shirt

3a. Captain Frack Bladder T-shirt Meal

4a. Faff cheeks T-shirt Meal

5a. Johnny the Plastic Meal

6a. LBD T-shirt Meal

1b. Tonka Meal

2b. Strangely Brown Meal

3b. Daisy T-shirt Meal

4b. St John of Tarmac Meal

5b. Big Ring - DRM T-shirt Meal

No mechanicals or Botanicals were noted or reported.

What fun , hope to see you all next time chaps virus permitting

BR (Bigus Ringus)

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