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16 Oct - The Links Tavern, Liphook

The promise of a great ride with yours truly as RM saw an astonishing 7 Shabi riders.

Chuff, Humpty, New boy Nick, New boy  Paul, and Daisy . We were also joined by 2 riders, Thingummy and wotsit whom Humpty had accosted  on the ranges the previous Sunday. This is what happens when you talk to strange men who ask if you would like to see their Spotty dog. Whilst fettling our steeds Daisy informed the new boys that he had come all the way from Bognor, “AND THE SHABIS SHOULD DAMN WELL APPRECIATE IT.”  Someone’s had a bad trip.

So 7 riders leave the Links with YT leading the way. A pleasant start to the ride saw us travel through Liphook Golf Course and the  Wheatsheaf enclosure on towards Linchmere common. It was an incident free ride to the top of Marley common with little mud and only a couple of gentle climbs.   There was some great downhill single trail that wound its way back to Hammer Hill.

Arriving at Hammer Hill, teacher Paul had seen some Shabis’ behaving in a way that was just not acceptable and he would deal with this by putting his foot down and stamping on such behaviour.  The resulting discipline was so severe Teach snapped his chain. Call on our super mechanic Humpty who promptly tipped Teach upside down and repaired the chain whilst others provided helpful advice.  With all repairs complete the Shabis set of down some fantastic single track running alongside Hammer Lane.

In honour of Phantom ,who was MIA, yours truly led the peloton into a back garden before completing a course correction, along the side of Hammer Vale common and onto Bramshot Common. Time was running out fast,  which saw a fast descent down Rectory lane and the gulley, ending up at Conford. Further single track across Conford Common brought us to the ford and a short climb to the A3.

A final blast past the Deer’s Hut and through the Foley estate saw the shabis arrive back safe and sound.

14 miles for all

Meal for all

Mechanical for Teacher.

T shirt point for Humpty

RM for Chuff


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