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3 Mar, Links, (9,13)

Dear Shabi’s

3 March 2020 – the Links

There was woe before we even got started – Genghis had a dropper post failure and since he refused to ride any other person’s bike – he was a non-starter. Chuffy was continuing to do battle with his Bird and the form of a rear wheel rebuild. The conditions are not helping with bike preservation.

Nevertheless, Smashie RM, Dobbie, Chuffy (On Smashie’s Bird), Captn Frackbladder (back after a colouring crayon incident), Slumpy (making a very welcome return), his carer Tonka, Big Ring and Faff Cheeks making a good turnout of nine riders.

Faff Cheeks had arrived in the car park an hour early and guess who was still messing about when pedal off was called by the RM at 6:30 – yep – Faff Cheeks. He’s unlikely to get another nickname soon methinks.

So finally, the Peleton set off and within 30cm of leaving the carpark everyone was grinding through the deep mud. Oh how I will never complain about dusty dry trails again. At least its getting lighter in the evening.

So we head towards the Longmore ranges which is the scene for so many Saturday rides and we suddenly realise the trails are firm and sandy, so despite the terrible grinding noises from the gear train and disks we zip along enjoying the excellent single track this area has to offer.


Feel free to get up and dance to:

Jeff's motivational work out video!


We make it to the mast and then blast down the trail known as “Helen Mirren” (no don’t ask!). Fantastic fun with some riders getting “big air” and by that I mean over 5mm above mean ground level (Faff Cheeks will be advising on the exact method of calculating “Big air” ie is it the distance between bottom bracket and the ground adjusted for Greenwich meantime or the average height gained by each wheel at mean high water etc) Can’t wait for that!

The legal issues bedevilling this blogger continue so I will just take this opportunity to welcome back Captn Frackbladder (absent due a nasty accident with his new coloured crayons) and Slumpy who had “put his back out”. Both riders were giving it “large” and enjoying getting back on the bike.

So the Peleton then weave in and out of the trails on Longmore with nothing more to report other than lots of smiles and a light sprinkling of mud.

We complete the “camp fire” trail and oh what fun we had. A bit of nervousness from those who had not done it before (the start is very steep) but no mishaps and everyone a winner.

It looks faster in real life

Then a trundle back to the mast and Tonka and Faff Cheeks have a race to the highest point of the trail – Faff Cheeks only just pipped by Tonka – me thinks Faffer is getting fit – one to watch – clearly taking the right performance enhancing drugs.

Then along the ridge of enjoyment and we pootle around to the mast. A quick blast and before you know it we are at the bottom – a great section of jumps and singletrack. Even better with the certain knowledge that no walkers are around.

Back to the pub through the sludge and we are happy and glad.

No unfortunate incidents to report at the meal and we enjoy “Speciality Pie night”.


BINKY BYKEKNUT – A Cycling legend answers your questions

In this feature, Binky will fearlessly tackle any personal or technical issues you might have (these can be submitted via the SHABI Whatsapp group)

Dear Binky,

Sorry to ask a simple techy question. I have seen many different types of

“tyre sealer”

designed for tubeless tyres.

What do you recommend?

Yours CH of Abercrombie

Dear CH,

Completely understand why you are perplexed by the choices available.

You have two choices; your own special mix OR a proprietary brand.

Before tubeless became mainstream everyone made their own “brew”. Generally a mix of pure latex and glitter was the favourite recipe. The glitter helps “bind” the latex into any puncture.

My own personal recipe has been developed over time and for both wheels you will need:

1. 10 ml of pure latex

2. 5mg of silver glitter – other colours are possible

3. 1 No squeeze of toothpaste

4. A tablespoon of cornflakes

5. Pinch of pepper

If this all sounds too complicated I recommend Orange Seal – it has bits in it and it works. Other brands just don’t seem to cut it.

Hope this helps



Scores on the doors

I Love you all

Smashie X

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