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31 Aug, Grayshott, (10,17)


As we all know - the "Fox pelican" is a well known knife...


The Fox Pelican folder is a utility knife of the highest order. Designed by KMAXROM, a French custom knife maker, it features the flare and functionality he is known for worldwide. The blade has a modified tanto shape with a slight upsweep which allows for a full bellied, curved edge. A very nice design for so many uses.

And now, back to the ride:


Quote from SB:

"I have completely forgotten about it and didn't even take notes of attendees etc. However, trusty Strava has provided something to fill in the gaps. Naturally, I expect huge points deductions."

R.V. Fox & Pelican - Grayshott (The pub, not the knife)

Ride date: 31/8/31 (Fascinating date recollection SB)

Ride name: (Reverse) Cat Weir (Who doesn't love a reverse cat weir)

Distance: 17 miles (I remember when the meal used to be as low as 17)


Strangley RM



Tonka DRM


Big Ring


Simon the Wheels

Ex cop 1 (Simon)

Ex cop 2 (Adam)


We came, we rode (no dead cat), nobody fell, plenty complained about Heartbreak Hill at the end. Especially the 2 new ex copper recruits (so much so, Ex cop 2"s head fell off, so went home early to reattach, and missed the meal), but we all got to the pub in time for me to demonstrate my waitering skills of old (more complaints), and I learnt a new trick (for me), but apparently Dobbie is the master - when the bill arrives, Pay last - Pay less! Unintentional of course, but not believed by many, obviously!

Regards, Strangely


In order not to short change our SHABI's I'm adding a bonus video to this BLOG:

Just to help your brains stay in shape!

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