6 Oct – Midhurst Madness

Updated: May 21

Dear Shabi’s

6th October 2020 – the Madness of Midhurst

Can you spot the MASSIVE Climb in the middle?

A Covid compliant SIX riders were present and correct in the dodgy car park behind the bus station lavatories including; Smashie as RM, Whoops-a-Daisy, Faff Cheeks, Slumpy as H&S Officer and his carer Tonka, Bigus Ringus, Love Bus Driver, Slasher Giles, Simon the Wheels, Captain Frackbladder Bah and Dobbie.

Last minute excuses from Strangely Brown and Tarmac and St John. Strangely has another little infection and TsJ is having trouble reversing his new 35 tonne scraper into his drive. He recently selected full scraper mode and accidently demolished three adjoining properties and injured a number of gnomes hiding in the wheelie bin for protection. I believe that Law Enforcement operatives are involved … oh dear.

However, in time honoured tradition, before we get onto the ride, lets talk about the riders. This weeks in depth profile is our very own Dobbie.

Our Dobbs was born in 1923 to Mr and Mrs Dobbie making him one of the younger riders in the SHABI peleton. He was the eldest of 23 children and so money was tight right from the get go … and if he did have any money, it would usually be stolen by his siblings.

Young Dobby seen here in an early Family Photo

This shortage of the readies has left its mark on Dobbs and informed so many of his life choices. To gain an insight as to just how “careful” our Dobbs is with the money you have to observe his behaviour in a manner that would make David Attenborough be proud.

A rare glimpse of Dobby's Wallet - (on annual 'dusting day' actually)

The pub is not his natural habitat (just as paying for things isn’t either) and the time honoured SHABI tradition of splitting the bill that always mysteriously comes to £17 (higher now with Covid inflation) can be a challenge to his natural instinct of only paying the minimum. The usual method by which the SHABI’s reach the £17 figure is to divide the bill by the number of people eating and round up to give a “tip”. However, some pub till systems can only deal in the exact amount meaning everyone pays £17 but the LAST person only pays the balance ie £16.95. Next time at pay up time in the pub – see how Dobbie quietly holds back trying to be the last to pay and save that all important 5 pence.

New Bike Bitches!

However it has been noticed in the recent past that he has been “splashing the cash” so much so that he has even purchased a new bike (the old one is now in a museum where the curator is still scraping off 67 years of grime as Dobbie doesn’t waste water on cleaning his bike either).

So the lesson from todays character assassination is that “take care of the pennies and you might save up enough for a new bike!” Even if it takes you 67 years.

All the 5 pence's eventually add up to a new bike! - Who's Laughing now?

So onto the ride and we head through Midhurst keeping a regulation 2.0 meters apart and in groups of six (Rule 32 subsection B Additional measures to be taken under Covid Conditions part ii) and as directed by the new Health and Safety Officer (with guidance from his Carer).