Arundel, 13 July (7 Riders, 13 miles)

aka - a 'Dobbie Special'

Dear SHABI's

Dobbie has asked me to help Ghost Write his BLOG, so I will remain as impartial as I can, although I too was consumed by so many nettles and brambles that they would give any 1950's horror movie a run for it's money.

Riders assemble at Road Rage Car Park:

Lecky Lee (full suss e-bike)

Slasher – No tee shirt seen

Smashie - Tee Shirt + meal

Love Bus Driver - Tee Shirt + meal

Fracker - Tee Shirt + meal

Faff - Tee Shirt + meal

Dobbie –Tee Shirt + meal + RM


Edward William Fitzalan-Howard, 18th Duke of Norfolk, (born 2 December 1956), styled Earl of Arundel between 1975 and 2002, is a British peer who holds the hereditary office of Earl Marshal. As Duke of Norfolk, he is the most senior peer in the peerage of England.

Kevin Duncan Graham Binky (born unknown), is a SHABI Peer who holds the hereditary office of Earl of Bikenut. As Duke of SHABI, he is the biggest Idiot of them all.

18th (and current) Duke of Norfolk 1st (and only) Duke of SHABI

The Ride:

Basically it was a beautiful SHABI ride, warm evening, the only thing that might have made it only a 9 out of 10 ride was the fact that we went through savage dense gorse brambles and killer nettles (Delta variant) with sloppy sticky mud underneath so that everyone got cut, stung, and some were even thrown off their bikes while fighting the mud. But apart from that it was the best ride that slasher has ever been on.

Anyway - enough about the brambles, I wish everyone would stop going on about the brambles - here are some pics of the ride:

There was another point in the ride where, worried at not having seen their RM for the past 45 mins, the peleton decided to stop and phone him to check in. If only they had a little more faith and kept pedalling, then they would have found out that he was waiting for them just 8 miles ahead.

The SHABI version of where's Wally? - 'Where's Dobbie?'

As you can see, there were also some beautiful views to be enjoyed - top points to the RM for getting these in the ride!