Christmas Awards Ceremony 2020

Dear SHABI’s

Cometh the hour cometh the man. Unable to find a hostelry prepared to host the SHABI X-mas Prize giving celebrity Gala dinner, desperation was setting in. Would the burger van in Liphook do an outside meal? The prospects were looking grave. Binky Bykeknut’s agent was calling incessantly wanting assurances that his celebrity speaker would not be addressing some drunken covid infested louts in a car park in Midhurst. So it was Tonka who delivered with an inspired choice of the Duke of Cambridge making the calls, grooming the Maitre D and putting hard cash on the table.

The outdoor Heated Marquee was the venue for the 2020 SHABI Awards Ceremony

Meanwhile in another part of town and all over Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and the world, SHABI riders were spending minutes crafting and enhancing their awards from 2019. The Lord Points Master, was beavering away on his spreadsheet checking and rechecking his numbers to ensure a faithful recording of everything that transpired in 2020 – not a wheel rotated, or a rider sneeze (prior to falling off whilst stationary) went unobserved or unrecorded.

So we meet at the appointed hour and seated in a Covid compliant heated tent we settled down in groups of six in a properly distanced manner. Strangely and the Health and Safety officer immediately got into a difference of opinion (fight) as the tent had the “flaps raised” to ensure Covid compliance. Strangely was on the receiving end of a continuous blast of cold air in the nethers so wanted “flaps down” to keep warm. The Health and Safety Officer was having none of it.

So the Duke of Cambridge served the Christmas meal – and it was fantastic – yes absolutely lovely food. Washed down with beer, spirits, wine and Slumpy’s signature drink; Guinness port and Pernod.

Before pudding was served it was prize giving, and Binky Bykeknut officiated dressed in a freshly washed string vest – what a legend he is!. First some amazing statistics:

* Since the SHABI’s started in 2007 the riders have covered 41,927 miles

NB - It's ONLY 24,901 miles AROUND THE EQUATOR!

* The total number of individual rides is 3,034

NB - This is nearly as many rides as Big Ring completed solo during lockdown!

* We eaten 2,694 meals at £17 totalling £45,798 spent on food – that is astonishingly bad.

NB - Here's what we could have bought instead for that amount:

In 2020 SHABI riders have;

* completed 5098 miles – the second highest on record