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Saturday Wakey Wakey Club

You are all reminded that you are warmly invited to join us for a gentle few miles over the Longmoor ranges and Weaver Down etc every Saturday morning, meeting point - 8.30am Deers Hut.

What makes this particular Saturday worth Blogging about? Smashie had one last ride on his 'First Proper Mountain Bike' which can be dated to the last Millennia:

Yes Smashie actually rode this

Genghis was doing his best to dissuade Smashie from taking such a big risk on such an old bike, but you know Smashie once he's made his mind up...

It was such a beautiful morning, we headed over to Chapel Common and took in Forest Mere, everyone agreed that there are some great new routes to be discovered:

Hope to see you out there soon!

Algernon von blogman

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