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11 Dec - Midhurst, Santa's Grotto!

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Final Tues Eve ride of the year - Midhurst, including points for Decorating self or bike or both. Swig of rum and off we go....

Everyone warmed up with Rum?!

Dearest SHABIs, what a year!

The final ride attracted 9 SHABIs - Chuff, Dobbie, Sergio, Algernon John Cringeworthy, Sir Fall a Lot, Corkey, Slumpy 2 and ultra new boy Young Nick (he who shall not be named) with YT in the rear.

First off, congratulations to those who made an effort with lights etc - 5 riders, but I am ashamed to say that our potential highest miler could not be arsed.  Points to Sergio, AJC, Corkey, Slumpy 2 and YT.

Rum and mince pies (yes Smashie we all held it down and did not spray the car park) supplied by YT (extra point me thinks and pat on back) and ready to off.  

Then who should come screeching in late, rubber everywhere, with some cock and bull story about how a conversation with his wife made him late?  Yup, Dobbie.  For keeping us all waiting 1 minus point.  Another for then claiming the conversation was about pinching their tree lights at home but still failing to have any at all?  I am a fair man and so, no.  Others would not be so lenient.

Off we finally trek, with rum in our bellies, up passed the cemetery and into the woods whereupon, calamity.  Sergio forgot he had his lesser bike with him and no dropper post and decided to go over the handle bars on a bit of downhill.  One very well earned fall point.  He has now earned his new name of Fracker, as the ground shook, as per usual.

Clearly suffering but carrying on like a brave soldier, Fracker announces he is good to go and off we head through Iping Common (scene of the Invisible Man) and onto Chithurst and the usual freewheel face-off down to the Rother.  Who won?  Nobody knows but lots of high spirited cheating went on.

Then to Santa’s Grotto.  Picture attached care of Dobbie.  Smashie in rear in red!

Back to the ride, after much admiration of the usual annual Santa effort, with Chuff announcing we had better get our skates on.

Up some big effing hills etc and nothing much more to report other than Slumpy 2 coughing up his lungs.

Down the Fernhurst road hill to Midhurst all tripping the 30 mph speed limit sign and back to base for a nice Italian at the new Prezzo replacement place.

14 miles, Chuff the RM, meal point for all and T Shirt points for the usual crew.

See you at the dinner for the annual results



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1 Comment

Paul Garner
Paul Garner
Dec 18, 2018

It's easy to add a comment - just sign in using your Google+ or facebook account, and hey presto - everyone can then see who wrote what about whom!

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