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01 Jan, Liphook (4,14)

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

The sound of bells and fireworks rang in the new year, before the echoes had died down 4 shabis gathered in the car park in Liphook looking to enjoy the first ride if the new year. Phantom, Chuff, Daisy and Slumpy the 2nd saddled up with Christmas just a distant memory.

Sad news, Santa heard about Phantoms rebellious attitude last year, so no new bike for Phantom.

Time to lose the Christmas pounds so off the shabis set. Along the road to the Deers Hut and on to the ranges, the terrain was firm and dry and with clear skies this was a perfect start. The route saw the Shabis follow some old trails with a gentle 1’ drop off before the climb onto the ranges and a pleasant trek towards Liss Forest, staying on the ranges we crossed the A3 and followed the road along the A325 on to Passfield.

As the temperature fell, we dropped down onto some single track ,a little wet under tyre but still enjoyable. A gentle climb to Conford and some road work to Bramshott arriving at Bramshott Church and Commonwealth Grave site. Further single-track brought us to Radford park Liphook.

It was at this point that Phantom and his bike parted company. Phantom is claiming a fall. The definition of to fall, includes, to pitch forward, collapse, lose ones balance. Slumpy described the motion as a slow controlled decamp not a fall. With Phantom loudly protesting the right to claim a fall we continued on around Radford park finishing outside Chuffs home. Anyone would think the ride was planned.

The remaining Shabis completed the last 500 yards to the car park. All then met in the Anchor A great start to 2019..

14 miles for all

Meal for all

T shirt points for Daisy & Chuff

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