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Sunday 3 Feb, DH, (4 riders)

My first ride since my epic fall was in -4 degrees snow and ice - you have to start somewhere, so Deer's Hut (DH) it was! Smashie, Young Nick, Algy and Corkey - New Name needed please - (action man / mountain goat / famous sherpa / machine etc) set off along the icy paths of Longmoor. There was a lot of huffing and puffing from YT, as it's been 4 weeks since I've done this, but thank God I did it - the views were spectacular and I've never ridden in snow before!

Needless to say we visited the site of my crash, for trauma recovery reasons mostly, but also to marvel at just how bad a decision it was for me to try to clear the drop from hell!

There was banter all the way round, (apart from a couple of real life murder stories), but apart from that it was pretty much light-hearted stuff!

Young Nick suggested jazzing a video clip up a little and here's the result:

A FIRST for the SHABI site - a video!

We bumped in to some lovely ladies on the home stretch walking their dogs, Corkey knew 2 of them, so chatted, Smashie did a great job of trying to remember the one he was talking to, apparently they go back a long way, Young Nick chatted to one he knew from Badminton, and the dogs all played nicely!

No Falls, no mechanical s etc, Just some great bants, photos and of course snow and ice!


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