12 OCT, The Barleymow, Walderton (11,13)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....

Faffy reminding us that cheating is permitted

A dark but dry Tuesday evening held great promise - a promise of ups and down and the triumph of good over evil...

So it was that 11 brave / foolhardy souls set off up Walderton Down for a decent warm up - and then enjoyed the thrill of the Adsdean descent at speed in the dark. With phasers set to stun, we used the force to avoid the dog walkers. (What were they doing out at that time of night) and reached the bottom elated - not deflated.

The RM then led the peloton in a circular route - leading almost back the way we came - and we enjoyed the Walderton Down climb - again - this time riding all the way to the Devils Humps at the top of Kingley Vale which afforded glorious views of the English Channel, the Champs Elysees and the Oracle at Delphi.

Bring winter Gloves, they said.

SHABIs - Casting a shadow everywhere they go

Slash riding his new bike with extra sharp pedals managed a minor light mechanical but brightened up after that.

It takes more than an attacking pedal to spoil Slasher's ride (Thank goodness the brambles had retreated)

Daisy had 1 rest and 1 attempt to hide in the undergrowth (2 falls to you).

The RM introduced a new bit of singletrack with lumps, bumps and roots aplenty before taking on the Spooky Wood bomb holes.