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17 Sept, Hawkley Inn, (7,10)

Its Tuesday night and Chuffy realisies he still has no bike.  Using his usual delicate approach Chuffy accosts Tonka and declares “ I am the LAW and I a seizing your bike or else” . witnessing this display of lawful brutality are, Ghengis, C2, Algee, Big Ring and slumpy. A chorus of “Just give it to him” sees Tonka hand over the bike and the ride can begin.

The 7 shabis are at The now infamous Manure gate Hawkley Inn, who knew infedility could lead to such dirty consequences? Although all signs of such dirty deeds was now cleared away and we had a clear road to start. With chuffy leading the way the shabis ride up the hill to the sounds of Genghis bleating “don’t we go the other way” not tonight, this was to be a well scoped and planned route.

After Stopping (again), some Shabis became delerious and just started pointing in random directions

50 yards saw a quick retreat back then along the overgrown path onto Snailing Lane unable to locate the next path saw the dshabis blasting down the lane to the B3006.

A quick visit to see Mill Farm before joing the B3006 and heading towards Selbourne, a left at Lythanger and on up to Empshot Green. A right along the bridleway then left (B3006) then left towards Empshot .

A right turn saw a successful crossing of the fields with  no incidents with the electric fencing. A left saw the shabis start a gentle climb on a great piece of single track, up, up up, Sharp Right !!! and Up was met with some difficulty as the riders completed this tricky manoeuvre then on up to Norn Hill.

Can you Spot the RM? See below for a zoom in!

You can almost hear him singing 'Why are we waiting...!'

Genghis was all smiles when he saw where he was and swiftly set off down the crater followed by Tonka. There was some embarrassment a Genghis with bike upside down seemed in some distress, the wheel wouldn’t go round you see. Some sage advice from Big Ring Put the chain on the cog resulted in an instant fix and away we could go again.

Still on the hill we reached the dips bumps which saw the shabis disperse in all directions gambolling like lambs. Some great downhill saw us reach the field system, wtf is a field system

Working together as one - SHABI

Not to be deterred our brave RM set off this way, that way, no this way. Some road and then more overgrown path saw the shabis in another field of cut straw it’s not a system its a universe. Left then right then up. Oh look its Norn Hill. A right then more great single track down hill, then a right then up Oh look its the field universe again. With trust in the RM failing Chuff sets off across the field .

Best Sunset Photo so far

Back on the road past Vann Farm on towards Hawkley, C2 comments how the ride was getting harder only to realise he in fact has a flat tyre, a quick input of air and C2 is back with the shabis. With the pub just metres away Algee spies C2 sneaking away and attempting to hot wire a car. Algee approaches “Do you need help?” C2 “no it’s my car”

Chuff has successfully brought everyone back to the pub for 8:30.

11 miles for all T shirts for all except Big Ring & C2

Chuff – RM

Puncture for C2,

No falls no mechanicals.

Next week is the seven Stars, Stroud

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