21 Jan, Barleymow, (10-11)

Acronym: Definition:

USFOV Unintentional separation from ones vehicle

SMPT Small muddy pump track

Disappointed that C2C7 was stuck in traffic but food pre-ordered and lights warmed up, 10 brave and foolish SHABIS set off up towards the Kingley Vale humps.

General Dobbie has scoped the ride - so there was again sign of heavy enemy movement in the form of deep muddy tracks.

Nevertheless, we press on.

On reaching the summit, observation unit scatter to various vantage points until RM calls the group to regroup and depart for the descent of speedy death and the spooky woods of chalkiness.

Apart from the speedy bit was missing - replaced by careful, tentative, slippy and slidey. Exemplified by Slumpy who had 'rest' in a comfy bush. (Fall) On then to the samllest muddiest SMPT and the bumps through the Spooky Woods - new jumps added recently.

Captain Frackbladder had a clipped-in off in transition. BigRing denied a fall but acknowledged later an USFOV.

Proceeding in a cautious manner, the peleton continued up the bird track, and then took the left on the path to avoid the muddier route across the ridge.

Victims can be infected with the new 'faffing' virus for weeks, without even realising it

Debate ensued about how far up the Flinty Hill we should attempt. Chuffy only knows one option - the Full Monty - so to the top it was, so we did, But that meant having to take the cold road back to the pub - and even then the RM almost took the wrong turn.

Democracy isn't what it used to be.....

Everyone lived up to their nicknames - RM put the Frack in Frackbladder, Chief Engineer put the Faff in Faff Cheeks and etc.

Good food in the pub - receommendations for the pies and the mash

"How do you make your mash so creamy?"