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22 Sept. Royal Exchange, (6,5,16)

Just not Tonkas Day!

A Fast Paced Shabi 16 miles


Covid19 group A

Stangeley Brown RM





Covid19 group B


Faff Cheeks

Simon the Wheels

Nurse Brown

Cpt Frackbladder

Big Ring DRM


We left the Royal Exchange at 6.30 with 6 riders and we saw another group of 5 riders but we didn't ask them where they were going. For the first time at the end of the Covid19 2020 summer, it was lights on, from the off.

We headed straight into Broxwood common before taking a right towards Arford common along Hammer Lane, where our newly appointed Health & safety officer stormed to the front of the peloton to halt progress, as Tonkas head had gone supanova and busted the internals of his helmet.

After a bit of tinkering with gaffer tape, super glue, zip ties, hair spray and brute force, Tonka's headdress was once again firmly on his bonce.

Shabis enjoy a rest, while Tonka goes to work on his helmet

A stiff uphill into Arford common, with a bit of groaning, and we are  out the other side and across 'maniac main road' to make our way through Ludshott common, and warmed up for a spot of downhill..

All present and correct, for a quick briefing on the following steep descent towards hindhead road, and a tricky jump for those who went 'balls out'.

Quick as a flash, SB asked a jogger if he'd fogotten something, when he turned around to head back

After a good pace on flowing tarmac through to Churt, crossing 'sewage works' stream, woods & bracken we arrive at Frensham Great Pond. Then the long fast trail along the river Wey to Mill lane, Dockenfied, colloquially known as 'drowned cat wier'.

No cats to see today, some some knackered shabis

A long steady gravel path up towards the Bluebell Pub, with a steep-ish last 50m climb which was met with much huffing and puffing from Slumpy, who wanted a little nap before proceeding into Alice Holt.

It was all downhill from here, in more ways than one, as we bobbled along the footpath past Frith End Quarry, when we ground to a halt as Tonka had his second mishap of the evening, with a slashed tyre on quarry flint. 

No fear, Smashie jumped into action and tyre sealant jizz ejaculated over Slumpy and Tonkas kit. Not a pretty site! 

While the rear end crack team of SHABI's got Tonka rolling again, paparazzi action was in progress up front!

Meanwhile, as the Kleenex was broken out at the rear of our peloton..... at the front end, oblivious of the kerffufle which caused us to halt, Tarmac St John gave a impromptu lecture on the big digger in the quarry.

Many photos taken, with Shabi members getting selfies with our newest celebrity status St John, and a 33 litre, triple turbo bypass, 5000 cupcake a second excavation transformer beast in the background.

This interlude had cost us dearly on time, which meant our final section of certain death on a technical twisty rabbit runs (another time) through Broxwood common was averted, So we went at full pelt to the pub through the woods, for social distancing grub and refreshments so not to miss our 8.30pm slot.

Good fun had by all, and a costly ride for Tonka, as he definitely needs a new tyre.

Meal and T shirt Points probably given to all attendees

LPM to decide if a slashed tyre is a mechanical

Any Falls - please self report to LPM, or the H+S officer, who will record everything on the back of a cigarette packet


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