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23 Apr The Woodmancote Pub 9,15

Guess who said “Where are the hills? It all looks flat round here…….”

Fracker knew better as he planned the Thricely Kingley route – never attempted before in the history of Shabidom. Eyes down for a full house.

First stop - Bluebell wood – altogether now aaahhhhh.

Thanks for this photo Dobbie

All the threes – ride between the trees.

Onward through the lambs and farm to road up to Adsdean. Nicely warmed up we commenced the gentle but long Adsdean ascent. Now with added flat bits.

Algernon started the endless process of stripping off and layering up again. Fox’s Den - Number Ten.

The view from the top of Kingley Vale was slightly cloudy – but always a joy nevertheless.

Much viewpointing consumed. Ascent - Kelly’s Eye – number one, complete.

Onward to the first down of the evening – a fast swooping exhilarating bridlepath. Watch out for Gertie – top speed over 30.

We gathered at – on its own - five ways and opted for the Hare and Hounds downhill track.

Much warning of drop-offs meant that no-one drew blood this week – and all enjoyed the berms, roots and general downhillyness of it.

Sadist Fracker insisted there was time to go back up and find some more bumps. Straight back up then. Ascent number – one little duck – quack (two), completed.

Again much enjoyment of the dry terrain, little bumps and bomb holes. I said bomb holes.

With dusk approaching, there was time to ascend from Walderton, past the ruined farmhouse thing and climb to the top again. Ascent number 3 completed.

Then the unadulterated joys of riding down Adsdean in the dry.

A quick change – all the fours, droopy drawers - and in good time for some fine dining.

And well done to Cinders for making the effort to come that far east - and stay for dinner.

Fifteen miles in 2hrs 10.

Slumpy 2, Corkey, Algernon, Phantom, Cinders, BigRIng, Fracker, Slacker and Knacker.

Dinner for all but BigRing. No falls no submissions.

T-Shirts – Fracker, Slumpy2, Corkey, Algernon Dobby

Peace out



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