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28 Sept, Green Dragon, (7, 12)

The forecast was for a light Welsh Dew for the evenings ride which saw a number of Shabis MIA

  • Genghis was suffering with his Ombrophobia which is highly active this time of year.

  • LBD was POSITIVE he was not allowed out having stuck cotton buds up his nose, (Wibble)

  • Lord Dobby was under siege by the peasants of Emsworth camping outside DOBBY Manor begging for fuel,

  • Faff Cheeks attempted to go MIA only to find short shrift from Capt F with a very stern “Right” wich apparently means get your arse to the Green Dragon.

  • Capt F went green using the electric train from Emsworth to Liphook, who needs petrol. Others wth green credentials included, Chuff, Tonga, and Slumpy all cycling to the pub.

The Green Dragon saw 7 riders eager for a pleasant ride, Chuff (RM), Slumpy, Tonka, Capt Frackbladder, Faff Tarmac and Smashie.


With everyone all waterproofed we set of right out of the car park towards Radford Park where we then turned left along a small path under the A3 and onto The Church of St Mary , Bramshott the first parts of the church were built in 1220 . The tower has 2 stages and shingled broach spire on a 15t century frame, there are still remnants of medieval glass in parts of the church.

'Church Meme'

The going had obviously been tough for TSJ who needed a lie down on a large bench that had been carved from fallen Oak tree.

Dear Lord, if you're listening - please buy Slumpy a new inner tube

With YT using approved tactics to remove TSJ from the bench the peleton made its way to Ludshott Manor, the lane was full of pheasants desperate to knock a shabis from their bike. It was then on and up to Bramshott Common with the dew lightly falling.

Capt F & TSJ were a little behind and claimed a Porsche had held them up on the muddy track. With everyone back together it was a quick down hill and onto the pods of Waggoners Wells. The ponds are thought to have been created in the 17th century as Hammer Ponds for the Iron industry. Past the ponds there was a bit of up, down, up, down as we headed towards and under the A3l.

The shabis paid their respects at the Canadian Memorial 219 Maple trees were planted representing one tree for every two deaths at Bramshott and Brookwood near Woking.

Sadly, in their wisdom the Highways agency decided the original memorial was too close to the road and dangerous so the mature Maple trees were felled. A new planting of Maples was carried out some 30 metres or so away from the road back in the late 80's.

As the rain began to fall we made our way to Woolmer Hill and with strict instructions to follow the right hand path the peleton enjoyed the downhill to Hammer Lane. At this point the peleton realised there was to now be a steep climb up to Marley Common. The rumbles of dissent were being drowned out by the sound of heavy rain beating on the leaves above as we made our way up.

The fantastic downhill back to Hammer did nothing to raise spirits with everyone now feeling totally waterlogged . Faff was desperate to find his happy place this was helped when it was explained the heavy rain would clean his bike to save him the job.

As the first clap of thunder rumbled above we headed along the trail to endd up beside the railway line and heading for Liphook. The thick canopy above provide protection from the rain, Tonka was claimed he had seen lightening only to be told it was the flashing lights of the train running past. We burst out form the track onto the Liphook road beside the railway bridge and were on the homeward straight.

With the rain still coming down and thunder in the air it was a last dash to the Green Dragon, YT bailed and left the peleton as we passed home desperate for the fire that was burning in doors. Everyone else made it to the pub with thoughts of how to stay dry whilst changing in the carpark.

12 miles,

Meal & T shirt for

Slumpy, Tonka, Capt F, Faff, TSJ & Smashie


The Chuffmeister

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