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30 Apr, West Marden and KV (10, 18)

Chuffy, Smashie, Slumpy, Sir Fall-a-lot, Young Nick, Dobbie (RM), Algernon, Fracker, Genghis, and a guest appearance from our old friend Ming the Merciless.

Unfamiliar pub but lots of swooshing familiar bridle paths through shoulder high crops and bluebell woods:

Maximum mileage in anticipation of all the pain you are going to suffer in Wales

Ascended KV (just once this time) when Chuff tried to take the lead and led us towards the view above Stoughton.

Descended the Hare and Hounds downhill track taken last week with no mishaps – again a lot of warnings about drop-offs.

18 miles (maybe 19) in 2:26.

Point for Dobbie for a puncture:

And another point for being willing to run beside his bike to ensure that SHABIs got back to the pub in time for grub (the Pointsmaster was in attendance and can witness this).

He didn’t hear any of the aspersions cast on him for not having properly fixed his puncture from last week.

Smashie reunites Slumpy his rear light that came off mid ride

Meal points for all except Young Nick and Genghis.

T-shirts all round except for Young Nick and Ming (reminder: must get to this year’s Xmas do).


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