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8th Sep, Jolly Drover, (12,14)

8th September 2020 Jolly Drover , Liss ( 12 riders , 14 miles )

A group of six chaps turned out on Tuesday evening for a mystery tour of the various ascents and descents of Fyning hill , followed , at a distance , by another group of six chaps.

Strangely Brown , C2C7 , Tonka , John the Tarmac , Ghengis , Smashie , Also Chuff , Captain Fracker , Faff cheeks , Love Bus Driver , Slumpy - DRM , Big Ring - RM

And they're off , whoo! before leaving the car park Ghengis calls a halt for a minor bike alteration . And they're off , eventually , in an Easterly direction , taking the Sussex Border path to Durleigh Marsh , downhill for a long way , which is a worry for all , because what comes down must go up . A left turn and up Badgers Gully taking care to avoid the ‘Sets’ and indeed the Badger themselves , who would be waking up at this time off day.

WTF . Oy ! keep the noise down , it’s not even dark yet .

Regroup at the top before the first gentle descent to the gravel trap . Stealth mode adopted for the bridal way that looks similar to a footpath across the field , in full view of the farm house , luckily no casualties as we reach the tarmac .

H+S officer in training

Second climb of Fyning hill on a single track Bridleway to the ridge , then regroup before the descent of the other side . A lovely long downhill with a fast jump halfway down and a wheel shape bog at the base.

The second group overtake the first group as CFB has to sort out an air shortage.

LBD signals his thoughts on CFB pumping the bird

A short road link , then back up the hill , over the ridge and another fantastic downhill , crossing the A272 to Terwick church . Re-cross the A272 then , surprise surprise , back up the hill to the ridge . the following downhill opens up into an huge field offering one of the best views ever .

Leave the rolling plains , back into the woods to the road . A short road section to Rake Hanger , then back to the Jolly Drover for sustenance .

1a. Strangely Brown T-shirt Meal

2a, C2C7

3a. Tonka T-shirt Meal

4a. John the Tarmac Meal

5a. Ghengis T-shirt

6a. Smashie T-shirt Meal

1b. Chuff

2b. Captain Fracker T-shirt

3b. Faff cheeks T-shirt Meal

4b. Love Bus Driver T-shirt Meal

5b. Slumpy - DRM

6b. Big Ring - RM T-shirt Meal

Mechanical incidents for Ghengis ( in the car park 2 seconds into the ride )

Fracker (low tyre pressure)

Faffer ( light problem ) .

Unintentional separation from vehicle points for Faff cheeks ( unseen by the RM but witnessed by others ).

What fun , hope to see you all next time chaps .

BR - Big Ring

It's that way

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