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Fox Goes Free, 11 May, (6,5,15)

Updated: May 19, 2021

Bikeshop Nigel

Slash Tonka - Tee Shirt

Tarmac - Tee Shirt

Big ring - Tee Shirt

Love Bus Driver - Tee Shirt

Faff - Tee Shirt

Fracker - Tee Shirt

Strangely Brown - Tee Shirt Daisy - Tee Shirt

Dobbie - Tee Shirt + RM

Miles: 15 No major incidents or rumblings of dissent except a Humanical on the first hill and a promise by Daisy not to release any naughty pictures of smearing himself with Nutella. See WhatsApp for some of the evidence of a good time had by all.


Photos of Event:

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