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Fox & Pelican 21/12/21 & 11/01/22

The two rides that still have not been completed for two very different reasons, as we'll find out.

Pre Xmas ride 21-12-21 (9 Riders) 10 miles

Tonka M T

Big Ring M T DRM

Slash M T

Slumpy M T


Lootenant Dan


Smashie M T

Strangely M T RM

This was our first attempt, of the two, to complete the Cat Weir ride in soggy wintery conditions. After a very festive start from the F&P with R.M. blasting out Christmas tunes from his on board D.J. system we headed South, and descending the slippery slope adjacent to heartbreak hill. It was at this point the R.M. had the first mishap. Whilst changing the Michael Bulbe 45 vinyl for a bit of Dean Martin he rolled over a log and ended up on the deck, as the following peloton pedal past in amusement and disappointment.

We carried on for a few more miles negotiating all kinds of festive illuminations through Churt and to Frensham Pond, and the Hotel. The next stretch along the river to ' Cat Weir' is a speedy track during the summer, but today it was knee deep bog and where the ride came to a halt.

Major mechanical of the R.M's exploding free hub resulted with a peloton having to 'about turn' and retrace the route back to the pub, while the R.M. walked back to Frensham Hotel (Christmas songs still blaring) and wait to be recovered by the Shabai RAC patrolman (AKA Smashie!). This gave the RM time to indulge in copious amounts of the hotels complimentary Christmas Eggnog, wondering where did it all go wrong. :-)

Back to the pub, and reunited with the fellow riders and dinner.

No Photos from this epic Ride, but miles and points available from the die hards who attended

Take 2:

Cat Weir Ride – take two 11/01/22 (12 Riders) 19 miles

Strangely M T RM

Smashie M T DRM



Tonka MT

Genghis MT

Daisy MT

Tony Tiger M

Slumpy T

Kate M


Lootenant Dan

Look at the optimism on the RM's Face - Bless....

Here we go again, no music, and a tall order to get 12 riders around the Cat Weir route in the dark and boggy conditions. Our numbers seem to be increasing week by week, as our newest recruit 'Kate' (Bush), brought along another, Tony (Tiger).

We set off again on the same route, knowing that, with a large group, we needed to keep up the pace in order to get back for some nose bag on time (fat chance of that!). We all managed to get down the slippy slidy slope without incident, but almost immediately had a Tonka chain off. It was obviously that the excitement of slinging his leg over his new steed and pedalling furiously that threw the chain, but this was a minor hold up.

HOWEVER, within a 100 meters, Genghis having witnessed Tonka's furious pedalling, has a moment of exuberance, and a sudden flex of his tug boat thighs snaps the chain of his steed! All hands on deck!!!

Well, Smashie mainly, works assiduously to get Genghis; bike road worthy again.

Just like Clark Kent and Superman - you never see Smashie and Binky together at the same time...

.....We have lost a lot of time, and the RM is now wondering is there is an alternative short cut, if needed.... It was needed, as we'll find out.

We make it to Frensham Pond and get past the debris left by Strangely's Free Hub last time, and make it to Cat Weir. Hoorah!

Go go go! No time to wait around - you didn't come here to enjoy yourself!

So, that's all the down hill over and done with, It's now a false flat on the way back chaps.

Up through Dockenfield, past the Bluebell Pub and into the fringes of Alice Holt, and we approach a junction....

Option 1. Steady gravel path. (longer). Ok for Grand parents and small children.

Option 2. Mud bath suicide down hill quagmire (shorter). OK for irresponsible and fool hardy thrill seekers.

LBD shouts out the obvious choice!

An obvious confident and capable rider streaks passed everyone, with his church bells clanging all the way. Respect to one of the newest Shabi's - Kate

Overall it's a boggy ride and is sucking the energy out of the Shabi legs, and by the time we get to Broxhead Common we are well behind time. To add to this, one of us who inhaled a whole turkey over Christmas, was not firing on all cylinders and was in need of an organic E-bike experience.

The decision is made that once we get out of the mud, we'd head back to the pub by road. Unfortunately it was up hill all the way, but our man Daisy wasn't giving up and was assisted by many Shabi's, who helped to propel him up the inclines.

When I say many Shabi's, there was one who thought, rather than help push him up, it would be much more fun to push him off. Of course LBD vehemently asserts that he was confused in which direction to push, and in true Trumpism, has his truth!

Consequently, there was BLOOD!

The Fox & Pelican accommodated our late arrival and all who wanted to be fed and watered, were not disappointed.

Bruised, ego's battered, and tired - these are HAPPY SHABIS!

An eventful ride, and a great introductory experience for the latest recruits, Kate and Tiger Tony.


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