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14 Jan, Links, (8-14)

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

There were 8 Shabis happily showing why they are known as he biking Idiots. Chuff, Frackbladder, Smashie, Dobbie, Strangely Brown, Mastic Man and  Tonka at the last minute Big Ring pulled into the car park and parked under a leafless tree for protection from the wind and rain and hoping not to be seen by fellow Shabis. Not wanting to get out in the rain Big Rings cover was blown by millions of Lumens of shabis lights all being targeted on him and his car.

With all shabis  waterproofed and rearing to go we set off, turning right through the golf course and on to the Deers Hut the wind and rain in our faces. There’s little chatter as the wind tears our breath away and the rain almost drowns us. We cross the road onto the ranges, over the A3 and down to Conford. Oops forgot to warn people the ford was ahead. Bear left and you cross on the small bridge, apparently the water was quite deep, who’d have guessed.

Through Conford to Passfield as promised we avoid the thick mud by turning right then left to Bramshott then left at the Mill house and after half a mile turn right towards Ludshott common. The heavy rain has washed down all the gravel providing the shabs with some easy riding with the wind and rain in our faces.

Onto Ludshott and upto the isolated cottage, and turn right onto the track for Waggoners. Only there was no track just a muddy torrent of water, any one remember Wales. A little bit if a grind but we all reach the top. Now it’s down the gulley to the bottom, Frackbladder takes a fall as does Tonka, the rest reach the bottom cross the bridge and we all decide to walk up the hill to the car park.

Still keen to miss out the muddy bits we take the lane towards the A3 then turn left then right through the nicely  graffitied underpass and on the  Canadian memorial . A small navigational error has the shabis riding around the common in slightly sticky mud before we eventually reach Woolmer Hill. The downhill over the steps and on through the woods is nerve racking with slippery conditions and narrow paths.

With everyone safely down time is running out, so executive decision is to ride along Hewshott Lane, after about half mile we turn left down to the railway track and along to Liphook bridge . We then follow the road diverting through Manor Fields towards Sainsbury’s. Mastic Man and Tonka peel off to head home. The wind still in our faces is so hard we practically stop dead as we continue towards Liphook station and on to the links.

All back at the Links it’s a mad dash to change into dry warm gear. Big Rig runs for cover in the smoking area where he strips whilst fully illuminated scaring the locals. Strangely Brown was caught on camera grabbing a poor dog and using it to towel himself down. Due to the risk of a power cut we were asked to pay the bill before the meal came (£17). Phantom was horrified at the thought of not being able to throw his fiver on the table and do a runner. The pub did us proud as always

  • 14 miles for all,

  • T shirts for all , bar Strangely Brown and Mastic Man

  • RM Chuff

  • Fall for Tonka and Frackbladder

  • Extra Heroic point for all

Peace out - Chuff x

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